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Of course, the Atlantis Sea Queen battle team was now the most popular among the major teams, reaching the top through super counterattacks.


The inside of the arena was packed with people. Jondi Lilick and Si Jiali had done quite a few interviews in the past few days, and even had a program specially made for them, as they were the hosts of the competition. For the competitions, Si Jiali had to be on the side of her own country she was a Sword Shield Rose battle team supporter and Jondi Lilick was clearly a Saruman Snake supporter. As Manalasuos captain, it was not the first time he had expressed his intentions to fight together with Wang Zheng, but no one looked down on him for that and instead were impressed by him; even those in Manalasuo were impressed too.


The Aslan Empire’s two teams occupied first and second. Closely following was Arbiter’s two teams. In fifth place was Elite Academy X’s Asura Battle Team. That was the current top five.


Montero stood up and gave a salute. They were, after all, in Aslan, outside their country. The Arbiters had been controlling their killer instincts. Yet someone had dared to pull the tigers tooth. This Arbiter team would no longer be under control.


Hobb nodded his head. A missing warship could be seen as a normal loss – deep space voyages had never been one hundred percent without accidents. However, a high level warship directed by a captain with extensive experience in the Milky Way Alliance had lost contact. This was certainly no less shocking than encountering an 8-magnitude earthquake.


You cant win against me, admit defeat. There is no point in fighting anymore, said Eve Litt, and at the same time, the azure flames continued burning. Against the Real Steel, which could no longer defend against her attacks, this was enough as the opponent did not have any moves left.

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Aragorn coldly laughed. “Whether it is me, Jondi Lilick, or the people of Aslan, or even that Wang Zheng, we are all just pawns. Kashawen never had plans to marry the Princess off from the start. Can you not see it is clearly based on the Sword Shield Rose battle team’s performance.”


Matt Locatelli sent out the substitutes despite facing the Astina Justice battle team!


Saruman Snake had gained a slight advantage. However, with Snow Li and Lie Xin’s current condition, the both of them were unlikely to go near the battlefield, as they would not be of much help.


Aragorn finally came to understand Mars feelings. It was as if he had been entangled in a deep abyss. He felt that his arms were no longer his. Slowly, his body also felt that it no longer belonged to him. Only his determination remained!


However, this was the SIG. Furthermore, in recent times, many countries had requested to open this battle. Since they believed that the military schools’ students should have the temperament of soldiers, why should they not allow it?


In an instant, the Rune Warrior was burning with the white Flames of the Blazing Angel. The Rune Warrior charged ahead!


Wang Zheng could not help laughing. “No laughing allowed. This is a serious matter. If we entered the competition, there wouldn’t even be a slot for Saruman Snake left.”



When the battle began, there was no imposing confrontation. Aragon steered his Overlord directly at Di Maria. Di Maria was a little taken aback. Who the hell did this guy think he was?



His laser sword was shining brightly. His energy was stimulated by the power of the five elements. Light beams began to inflate, and then continuously shrank.


Heracles was apparently not prepared for failure. He was still seated in the cockpit. When he was restrained, he thought that his mental strength could easily break free, but it did not. Yet the ensuing heavy strike broke his resolved, but his Rune Shield blocked it. However, the continuous explosive ability of his opponent exceeded his expectations. The uninterrupted, high-explosive attacks created a huge impact on his Rune Energy Shield and himself. It was an undisputed fact that they were physically weak.


The Runic Matrix on the runic mech had disappeared, but the runic mech had been shrouded in a ray of holy light. That horrifying electric light effect had receded. Appearing in front of the audience now was

  • However, how effective would physical skills be in a confrontation with the almost exceptional Mayans?
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