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The unfamiliar old leaders’, Arbiter and Aslan’s, battle. This would also be the first strong battle. Would Aragorn be able to uphold Arbiter’s name, or would the genius Di Maria be able to defend Aslan’s glory? From the looks of the current accomplishments and performances, the Soulless battle team seemed to hold a certain advantage.


The second match of the semi-finals had ended. Saruman Snake had miraculously turned the tides against Atlantis Sea Queen battle team. After four years, Atlantis had fallen once again in the semi-finals. History had repeated itself.


Wang Zheng and Achilles looked at each other. This was too much. Be it the Primordial Regression Technique or the Heavenly King Arts, they were both 128 points. They knew what Lie Xin was trying to do, but was she crazy? This was something unthinkable. It had been a few hundred years, and no one had heard of combining the Lie Flame Technique and the Sage Arts!


Entered the Holy Light Swordsman, a brand new model, with excellent runic lines. This was a new series of runic mech that combined Atlantean technology with human civilization, capable of mass production. This was still a far cry from the mecha from Elite Academy X. The runic mech from the Elite Academy X had reached a super fighter status, a class on its own. Without a doubt, Aslan had also produced something similar, but they would not mass produce them for sale.


But Wang Zheng had done it. When that finger had touched Qiqin Nacchai, he had seen it with his own eyes. He was a distance away from the battlefield, but he could feel the despair from Qiqin Nacchai, an Earth-rank warrior. He had “feigned weakness” to set up a killing window, and delivered the fatal move. Wang Zheng’s battle psychology was completely developed, and his attack power was something that Satie still did not understand. What power was that?


Achilles had been familiar with this weapon since he came of age. Instead of saying that it was a weapon, it was more like a part of his body. He had been instilled with this belief since he was young, and it was almost similar to being hypnotized. The Heavenly King was invincible!

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He could escape during the qualifier, but he was unable to retreat here. He knew that most of the captains might have seen that, and most would have been mocking him, but this didn’t matter. As a professional soldier, he had learned not to take things too seriously. Qiqin Nacchai had died because he was not observant. So his death was not unjustified.


For the top 32 fights, their first opponent was very strong. It was the second team from Manalasuo, the Mala Storm battle team. Jondi Lilick was in the Empire’s college team, whereas this Storm battle team was assembled from elites from various major colleges, which had gone through a qualifier. Their ability was fairly amazing as well.


Hi Ya was unable to control his urges. He was in the Golden Wheel battle team, with the great Jondi Lilick. But as a scout, and a technical scout for that matter, he had hope that one day he would get recognition from everyone, and not because he was just a member of the Manalasuo team. He did not despise the scout of the team, but he could not deny himself. He was unwilling to be resigned to be an unknown sidekick. Moreover, this SIG gave him an opportunity to amaze everyone. He wanted to demonstrate his skills to the world!


“I have always had confidence in him.” The biggest difference for Aina was that in the past, she could only back off to buy Wang Zheng’s safety. Now, even though she was fighting from behind, Kashawen could no longer afford to be careless either.


Jondi Lilick knew that that was Wang Zhengs last move as he had been forced to desperation. It was the same at the qualifiers and now again. This was Aragorns choice. The foolish stubbornness of the Arbiters. They had to try with their lives.


But Mars completely ignored it. The moment he connected, Wang Zheng knew something was off.


Ander Lucia smiled slightly. The power of the mech was ever increasing. How could the power of the physical body confront technology?



Looking at the frightening spiritual storm, Jondi Lilick could not help but lament as well. The two earlier battles totally aroused the fighting spirits of these two. Even the strongest warriors have problems maintaining their forms. Undoubtedly, both Wang Zheng and Aragorn are at their strongest right now. To be able to take part in this SIG, to be able to witness this moment, is a blessing for all the warriors.



In the next second, Wang Zhengs Rune Warrior flew up instantly. But in a swift movement, the azure blue Rune Warrior appeared and the Rune Sword swept across.


Aragorn had no idea how Wang Zheng had smoked his way to the Greatest King, given that he was so naive. Even before the Heavenly Overlord Attack practitioners learned to attack, they first learned to take hits. Compared to attacking, their superhuman constitution was the scarier one. There was a legend that the Van family had used other methods, even ones forbidden by the Milky Way Alliance. But that was true for many. People would always try new ways of gaining power. As long as they did not turn into beasts and lose their humanity, everything else were just methods. Ability X, martial arts, genetic modification, body strengthening – they were all the same!


There was golden lightning on the surface of the Rune Warrior. These electric lights followed the five Rune Swords and at the same time enveloped the mecha of the five Atlantean warriors.

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